Last year, I was encouraged by my Lord when determined to make 2014 a year of commitment by the grace of God. In 2015 I am looking forward to ABIDE in Christ more than ever. It has only been almost one month and I am already tasting this hid treasure my Lord has for so long waited that I would find.

It is possible to abide at all times in Jesus Christ!

My heart has been extremely blessed as I listen to Andrew Murray’s book, “Abiding in Christ,” that only confirms what my Lord has been showing me all along…It is HIM it is all about Him, praise God!

My Theme Song

I love music and one of my favorite singers is Abigail Miller. Before the close of 2014 they released another album, “Washing the Feet of my Family.” This is a really precious album as their children sing in a majority of the songs.

Out of the songs they recorded my Lord impressed my heart to make, “Complete in Thee,” my theme song for 2015. Truly I am complete in my beloved Saviour who saved me and keeps me abiding in him.

The Blessings of Abiding

What I notice most of all about abiding in Christ is that my Lord is increasing and I am decreasing. I am gaining a renewed love for souls like never before as I am seeing them as my Lord does, with an everlasting love.

"The believer can be each day pleasing to God only that which he does in the power of Christ dwelling in him." Andrew MurrayRegrets that held me back are being quenched as the armor of my God is becoming a reality. The enemy no longer can easily hit me with his fiery darts that faith (believing in God’s word) cannot block. How amazing is my beloved Lord.

I am growing ever passionately closer to my Lord and the Gospel is so much sweeter to me. What wonderful news!

I no longer think going to heaven to be the good news but rather that the Holy of holies, by the power of his Spirit dwells in me. What an incredibly humbling thought! I cannot help but begin to cry with tears of overwhelming joy!

My Lord in His mercy has also given me a precious friend who is sharing a similar joy as she has newly been saved. Oh how I praise God she is grasping these wonderful truths now.

What a mighty purpose God has for her!

I love hearing her perspective as it fills the gaps that I missed early on in my faith. How good is God when he restores his children, regardless of when He saved them!

A Taste of What I Am Learning

Our abiding in Jesus is even more than a fellowship of love-it is a fellowship of life.
Christ, who is our life, Himself dwells within us, and by His presence maintains our consciousness that we are in Him.

As Christians we feel we cannot abide because we inevitably will sin…but that is the reason Christ came:
As if it was not just because we have a nature which is naught but a very fountain of sin, that the abiding in Christ has been ordained for us as our only but our sufficient deliverance!

As if it were not the Heavenly Vine, the living, loving Christ, in whom we have to abide, and whose almighty power to hold us fast is to be the measure of our expectations!

As if He would give us the command, “Abide in me,” without securing the grace and the power to enable us to perform it!

As if, above all, we had not the Father as the Husbandman to keep us from falling, and that not in a large and general sense, but according to His own precious promise: “Night and day, every moment!”

The way you discover how to abide and enter into the possession may differ.

  • To some it may come as the gift of a moment. In times of revival, in the fellowship with other believers in whom the Spirit is working effectually, under the leading of some servant of God who can guide.
  • Sometimes in solitude too, it is as if all at once a new revelation comes upon the soul. It sees, as in the light of heaven, the strong Vine holding and bearing the feeble branches so securely, that doubt becomes impossible. It can only wonder how it ever could have understood the words to mean aught else than this: To abide unceasingly in Christ is the portion of every believer.
  • To others it comes by a slower and more difficult path. Day by day, amid discouragement and difficulty, the soul has to press forward. Be of good cheer; this way too leads to the rest. Seek but to keep your heart set upon the promise: “I THE LORD DO KEEP IT, night and day.” ///THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED TO ME///

Totally in Love

My Lord saved me in 1998 only to be duped by the enemy to keep from growing and knowing the incredible love of my Saviour by abiding in Jesus.

No more for in knowing the truth the truth sets one free!

For nothing can separate me from the love that my Lord Jesus has for me.

“For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8:38,39

Yes I have am totally in love with Jesus like never before!

Jesus Lord, my best love Thou art

1. Jesus Lord, my best love Thou art,
Thou hast fully captured my heart;
There is none in heav’n nor on earth like Thee,
With Thy beauty none can compete.
When Thy voice first came to my ear,
Whisp’ring in my heart words most dear,
All past loves and aims lost their charm for me,
All my boasts so vain now appear.

* Throughout all the world, who compares with Thee?
Who so full of worth, who so fair and sweet?
Only Thou art worthy my love to win,
O Lord Jesus, how I love Thee!
No more I who live, no more self-deceived,
No more in the self’s world indulged to be,
Deep within I know You’re my only love,
My best love is none else but Thee!

2. Jesus Lord, my best love Thou art,
Rid all rocks that hide in my heart;
Gladly I Thy bondslave of love would be,
One heart, one will ever with Thee
Though my heart is oft not subdued,
Still Thy way alone it would choose;
All I yearn for is what Thy heart desires,
In Thy love alone peace I find.

3. Jesus Lord, my best love Thou art,
Ne’er again from Thee I’d depart;
Never hide Thy dear, smiling face from me.
To none else I’d cling, Lord, but Thee.
To Thee, Lord, my all I outpour,
How Thy love my heart deeply fills,
My eternal portion, most precious Lord,
None but Thee I want evermore.

What a precious and mighty God we serve!

Abide in Christ in 2015
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