In Christ we can truly know what freedom is. I would like to share the following thoughts that came about after listening Part 1 and Part 2 of “Why Don’t I Feel My Faith” by Ravi Zacharias. I could not help but think of my belovedIn Christ there is power and freedom. Lord and what an incredible redemption He has extended to me.

Coming to Christ

Really, this very redemption is for you as well. But may I challenge your thinking with this statement by Ravi Zacharias, “It is not that you come to Christ and say I believe that is sufficient…like I have not found what I am looking for attitude.”

Coming to belief in our Lord Jesus Christ is a vivid reality that may even be repulsive to you but it is the only way to fully embrace our Lord Jesus Christ. And that way is the way of the cross.

In Him

God in his purpose,
And sovereign hand,
Guiding me each step,
Where I there stand.
Looking before me,
The dread of it all,
The anguish it be,
I see it quite clear.
There is no dross,
To dim my view,
It is clearly the cross,
The place of sacrifice.
No more to run
No place to hide
Here is the Son
To lead me through,
A writhing death so real,
And a sharp piercing pain,
Yet in glory to completely feel
Freedom, crucified with Him.
~Ann Marie Moore

In Christ Song by Abigail Miller

There is only complete fullfilment in Christ. He who has led the way for us to lay down our lives.

In Christ there is Freedom
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