Ann Marie Moore is the wife of Missionary Bruce Moore and mom of a houseful of kiddos. Ann enjoys writing and engaging others to think seriously about their faith, purpose and real meaning in life.

Meditation in God’s is a way of life for Ann. She is often found musing about some incredible truth of God and music is very much a part of the Moore familBruce and Ann Marie Moorey. Their personal theme song is Psalms 127:3-5.

Ann Marie Moore┬┤s Life Verses

Gal 2:20 – Living by the Faith (LBTF),
Heb 4:12 – God’s word is very much alive and powerful
“And of some have compassion making a difference:” Jude v22

Her greatest desire is to make a difference for all eternity,

“Lord, how can I make a difference today?”


Ann Marie Moore started Scripture Look as an inspirational blog getting to the heart of what God esteems and magnifies above His own name and that is His holy word (Psalm 138:2).

There are incredible truths and principles found in God’s word that are very practical for today. Scripture Look is dedicated to meditating on God’s word, musing at the wonders of His word and its effects on our daily lives.

Scripture Look also seeks to promote music that captures the heart and mind to both meditate and muse on the incredible attributes and persona of the God of the Bible.

Thank you for visiting my blog that I pray will be a blessing to your heart.

Our Lord bless you,

Ann Marie Moore

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