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Is Joy Possible In Your Marriage?

Is a joyful marriage become an illusion to you because of broken promises? Has the fire died down in your marriage? Do you sense that your marriage is becoming rocky? Are to the brink of despair with possibly becoming just another statistic of divorce? How many times have you found yourself promising you will do better?

My friend can I encourage you, you are not alone. Hello my name is Ann Marie Moore and I understand the struggles and stress a marriage can go though. Even as a Christian couple serving in ministry, life was filled with ups and downs for my husband Bruce and I. But all too often the downs were the greatest robbing us of the joyful marriage God intended for us to experience. Our marriage was being eaten away by scrimmages that often lead to out of control conflicts.

Christians Also Need to Read this Report

Being in the ministry, by the way, only compounds your stress with the demands of “putting on a face” for the sake of a good testimony while your marriage is falling apart. To be hones such behavior was beginning to leave me disillusioned and very discouraged.

Perhaps you have been told not to allow your marital problems to portray a wrong “image” thus giving a bad testimony of Jesus Christ to other believers. So you try with your best efforts to endure despite the tremendous heartache you find yourself in.

A Joyful Marriage Blessing

My dear friend you do not have to walk on egg shells pretending everything is alright. Remember Jesus Christ came for those needing a physician. And just because you have been wonderfully saved does not mean your need for Jesus Christ is any less. The Gospel that saves you is the same Gospel that that allows you to enjoy a joyful marriage.

Allow these wonderful joyful marriage secrets to be a blessing in your life. Be encouraged that regardless of your struggles all things truly work together for good. It is my humble pleasure to be a blessing in your life.

Singles Must Read this Report

If you are single and have left the option of marriage open before the Lord then I encourage you to read my report. What I have included I am actively teaching the single young ladies God has given me to disciple. One such young single women has thanked me, “I would much rather learn from other people’s mistakes,” is what she has told me.

God, by his grace, can use my mistakes to prepare you for your future spouse. Allow God to teach you from my mistakes so that you can save your marriage heartaches that many face today.

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Once again thank you for allowing God grace to touch your life and for giving me the privileged opportunity to be blessing for the glory of God.







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