God’s amazing grace is eternal as He is eternal. Our Lord has never lacked to extend it to us and will forever make grace available to you for all eternity in His presence. I would like to continue my story from my previous post and tell you more about our Lord.


I Have Been Blessed


After a time of complete surrender in Panama God blessed me in a personal way.

We were on our way home. Friends picked us up in Chicago and we made our way to visit a couple of our supporting churches before heading south to Missouri.

While we were staying at the house of long time dear friends, Pastor Pitman and his wife Martha, I was meditating on all God had done.

We stayed in the room belonging to their daughter Lydia. At the time she was away to Vanuatu serving the Lord as a single missionary.

I enjoyed staying in Lydia’s room because it brought fond memories of the talks she and I would have. I recall in her teens she shared her desire with me to decorate her room with missions in mind. She wanted to add painting and carving from Africa, the place her heart had longed to go since a little child.

“When missionaries visit our home they can use my room.” Lydia expressed her vision of having a room where missionaries could enjoy because it would remind them of the mission field.

I was fascinated with this shy yet passionate young lady, willing to make a difference in the lives of missionaries. At the time I never dreamed we would be one of her missionary guest 
You can imagine how in awe I was at God’s amazing grace when in 2009 there we were in Lydia’s room. There was art and decoration of the beloved Africa she had longed to serve in. Currency from the different countries she had visited and though she was away, I felt like she was there smiling.

All those years I had resisted my Lord were melted away in thoughts of such an awesome God.

Just then I decided to listen to the following song…



I heard my Lord’s still small voice telling me within my heart, “The song will to be sung at your church.”

Interesting I thought. My Lord knows how I love music. I told no one of what the Lord told me. I posted link of the song on my Facebook timeline.

Posting my personal thoughts on FB was another victory for me for I use to keep my heart way guarded. God had worked in this area of my life and I was beginning to come out of my shell. Breaking loose from the walls which kept me form other’s peering eyes.


What God Desired


It was not long after hearing my Pastor’s son, Jedidiah Smith, sing “I Have Been Blessed” as a special in our church, our Lord bless me to hear it again. This time it was a special sung by a couple of young ladies.

I had been invited along with two other ladies by my previous Pastor’s wife from Texas, Marsha Turner, to speak at a lady’s meeting their church had coordinated. I was quite nervous to say the least.

“Who am I?” was the question I would ask myself over and over. I had been invited before we had left Panama. I knew God wanted me to be there but I did not deem myself worthy of such an honor.

Yet is it not what God’s grace is all about?

He calls you to be His representative?

Are you worthy?


But He is worthy of all honor, praise, adoration, obedience and much more.

Speaking to a group of women was a challenge for me. But God’s grace helped me through.

Yet, I could not get it out of my head, God desired me to be a blessing in the lives of women.

How God is accomplishing this in my life is yet another account. It is one which has left me in awe and humbled me many times despite the further trials I was yet to encounter.


A Desire for More


Regardless of your circumstances God, by His amazing grace, wants to draw you back to Himself.

I was desperate our marriage was still hanging on a thread. True, there was a glimmer of hope after our first miscarriage in 2009. It was during our sad tragedy where God got a hold of my heart brought us back to Missouri and the song “I Have Been Blessed” encouraged me.


Amazing Grace holding baby in a homemade casket
Baby in homemade casket ready for burial in Panama 2009.


We arrived in Nicaragua (January 14, 2010) for our first missionary assignment as a family. I was desperate, seeking for something more.

“Lord, show me your glory here in Nicaragua. Show me how real you are, to me, your child.”


God’s promises are sure, though in our timeline they may seem unattainable.


“Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.” Matthew 5:6

Do you believe God’s promises?

I don’t mean do you believe God’s promises because the Bible says it but you never experience it for yourself. I mean do you believe and have you experience God’s promises as a reality in your life?

That is what I was to find out in Nicaragua. God would grow my desire to be a blessing in the lives of women and has not ceased to amaze me with His glory.

I will share the details on that, as our Lord wills, in my next post.

In His hands,
Ann Marie Moore




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