This past Wednesday I took Evangelist Paul Miller’s advice in the message he preached where he mentions concerning the challenge to read our Bible, “No read, no feed.” My day started later than usual all my alarms were on so low on my cell phone I heard none of them. Needless to say my devotional time was well into breakfast time but I set my daughter’s well prepared breakfast she made for me aside. It beacon and eggs served with hot corn tortillas, yes the aroma was tantalizing and mouthwatering but  I made the decision to look at the scripture first.

I am so glad I did and my food got colder as I mused on Bezaleel and these were my thoughts…

It is interesting that we think that today’s servants of God (be it pastors, evangelist, etc) can be merely educated in the scriptures, trained to be excellent public speakers and pump them up with man’s praise to make them feel they are doing a great job.

Do we really understand what it takes to be called a servant of God? Is not God’s servant one who undertakes the building of our Lord’s Holy house constructed by lively stones?


I found it interesting to observe how Bezaleel became a servant of God:

  • The Lord called him
  • The Lord filled him with the spirit of God
  • God gave him wisdom, understanding and knowledge
  • God put in his heart a desire to teach others

Now I see what it really means to be called a servant of God. Servants of God are not self-made or self-proclaimed, they are God’s chosen vessel for his service.

Are you truly a servant of God?

Bezaleel – Servant of God
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