Seeing now it is the day after Resurrection Sunday, I have been meditating on my Lord’s sacrifice.  While I was musing my Lord impressed it upon my heart to think of what real freedom is.

As I thought one word defined it all. For this word is what my Lord exemplified and it is the one word by which as His children can we truly know what it means to have a completely fulfilled life. This one word can help us gain a new perspective in life, learn what it means to truly sacrifice and share the truth in love.

This one word makes you willing to go beyond all bounderies, all obstacles not regarding your own life for the sake of another soul to live. This one word that we seldom consider but by which there is no other way we could have been saved and there is no way that without it Christ can live through us.

Ponder with me as Resurrection Sunday may still be fresh on your minds but never to forget this one word which truly defines freedom: CRUCIFIED


Defining Freedom
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