What is salvation is not as complex as it may seem yet it is not that easy either. It is so refreshing to see a preacher declare what salvation really is.

Understanding What Salvation is Not

It is not in what we do or when we do it…rather it is HIM.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is the means by which we are saved. There is no name under heaven that has such a wonderful promise as that of you precious Lord.

You will also discover that way has already been prepared. Christ himself has done the work. When you rest in His work entirely that of the wonderful Gospel of grace there is much joy.

What we do or say, pray, shout, jump, cry, call etc is simply a reaction to the salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ who purchased us with His precious blood.



The Analogy

In the video you see of very humbling picture of a slave and a master. Oh that you would grasp the immense beauty of it all. Yes, it will be rather humiliating to thing of yourself in such a manner such as a slave but it is true. We are all enslaved to sin.

And sins rewards are without mercy. Sin’s wages only lead to death. Being in bondage to sin does make it seem so unbelievable that the Master would be so generous to you when all you have known are challenges and at times despair.

I encourage you to embrace the analogy in its entirety with a humble heart and discover the wonder of your Lord. He treasures you more than you know.

Now it is Your Turn

What did you glean?

How did the analogy of the video impact your thoughts?

Your comments are greatly appreciated.

May the salvation of the Lord be more real to you than ever before.


What is Salvation?
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