Truly in everything to give thanks,
It just seems so mundane,
It’s a day like any other day, Lord.
How I desire to see so much more.
A moving of your Spirit,
In my own land or anywhere, Lord.
To behold, such as the stories of old.
Could it be that you would,
Do something impossible for me?
Scripture is certainly being fulfilled,
With people running to and fro,
Too busy in this life,
Too preoccupied,
Talking about everything,
The woes of this world,
The horrible economy,
With very little mention of thee.
Many talk of you and about you,
But few actually know you.
Eloquent discourses,
Of religiosity,
But how they lack,
Nothing compared to a life in deep devotion,
That flows freely from abiding in Jesus.
So on and on this world goes,
In its busy tone,
Unable to realize…
The trumpet sounds,
The dead in Christ arise,
I am going home,
What an unexpected delight!
A rapture dream come true.
Today of all days,
I am so glad,
So thankful for the mundane,
That made me so hungry on this day.
Now my joy to be fulfilled,
Oh, to see your blessed face.
~Ann Marie Moore
Jesus returns.

A Rapture Dream Come True
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