Have you ever been so in love you cannot help but express it? Perhaps you are more of a private person and secretly express your love. My friend when it comes to the love of Christ not only is your secret place filled with adoration and love, as mine has been, but soon it becomes an out-flowing into the lives of others.

And the Lord direct your heart into th love of God, and into the patience waiting for Christ 1 Thessalonians 3:5Are you new in the faith of our Lord? Is he not wonderful to you and the perfect love you have been looking for?

Yes, you battle with the things that use to charm you most in the past. But you know nothing compares to the love of Jesus Christ.

Have you been on this faith journey for some time that you have forgotten what His precious love is like? He is still there waiting for you.

His love has not changed. Jesus is still consumed with thoughts of you. He is constantly thinking of you, praying how He will glorify Himself in you to bless you with joy unspeakable and full of glory.
Listen to Him, read his Holy Word. He expresses his love from Genesis to Revelation. Oh the beauty of his unchanging face. My heart rejoices with each passing day.

Last year I committed to read my Bible every day and through. I chose to read one chapter a day till I read through my Bible (taking 3 years to finish it). At first I struggled waking at 5 am to spend 20 minutes reading. You know what happened?

I hungered for more. So then I decided to see what treasures I could find in my reading. You know what happened?

I desired more of my Beloved. I prayed more desiring God to use me for His glory. The 20 minutes turned to 40 and then 2 hours or more of quiet time that flows out in my daily living. Listening to music that praises my Lord, reading/listening to books that exhort my Beloved and grows my passion for my Lord.

I speak with my children of the weaving hand of our Lord in every day events. I rejoice in my husband where we are privilege to testify of Christ and the church in our marriage as we express God everlasting love between one another.

My hunger and longing for my Lord only grows so much that, perhaps, eternity may one day satisfy. My love for Jesus has grown as well as my love for souls both lost and saved to know our Lord more.

Oh what a precious journey and one I am not taking alone as my Lord brings dear friends, women of faith, who encourage me on my journey to the celestial city.

I am so blessed and so very much in love.

There is nothing compared to Him,
Nothing that leaves me so breathless,
My love He did win.
On the cross my heart he broke,
When he arose, he gave me hope,
I will see Him one day,
Oh so very soon I pray.
~Ann Marie Moore (February 10, 2015)

Jesus, My Love
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