In part 1 “Why Don’t I Feel My Faith,” by Ravi Zacharias I answered a few questions he had asked with my personal input. Here I would like to share my notes with a few personal thoughts. Before I do I would like to go ahead and My thought after listening to Ravi Zacharias, "The cross is a reminder of Christ's death and it is also a reminder of my death into life."allow you to listen to the audio for yourself.

Ravi Zacharias Part 2



My Personal Notes

The following are my recorded notes of meditation and interesting quotes I took from the message. Speaking of the various languages:

  • Language of God to you
  • Language of you to yourself
  • Language of obedience
  • Language of friendship
  • Language of the church

My heart was especially impressed with the language of the church and the fact that Ravi Zacharias explained how music played an important part.

Here is a quote that got my attention, “Unless you are willing to be crucified with Him, you will never understand what it is to live above emotions, however legitimate they may be.”

What points interested you most in this message?

Ravi Zacharias Speaking on Why Don’t I Feel My Faith Part 2
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