Have you ever had a desire to show someone God’s mercy? What a blessing to show them the love and testimony of Jesus Christ. I learned this lesson like many lesson, the hard way but oh how rewarding when you yield and see our Lord’s faithfulness.

A Mercy Call to Be Used of God

I remember what a frustrating day it was on an August Sunday in 2009. By evening time I was so upset by the course of the events of that day, I just couldn’t walk in the sanctuary for evening service. I was under such pressure with a desire to be someone that was hidden deep inside.

And rather than running to my Lord I was running away. I paced in the back of side of our church building where our van was parked, frustrated. I noticed someone out of the corner of my eye who had obviously been watching me, who was quietly opening their vehicle door.

Needless to say, I slowly crept and crawled in our driver’s seat in our van. I was so frustrated with nominal Christianity. I wanted to see something real. All the while I knew God was pointing to me and I had forgotten I left my laptop on in the van playing a song that I had left on repeat, “Make Me a Vessel of Mercy.”



Blessings Poured on Me

I broke down and cried because of my critical spirit towards others and knew, it is I Lord, it is I you want to yield and stop just being nominal and be a real. To stop putting my light under a bushel. In my hearts tenderness I Making a vessel of mercy - Heathercried this song in prayer, “ Make me a vessel of mercy…”

You know, just because God does not give an answer right away that does not mean he is not working. I can truly say that today I can see this prayer answered. My Lord has given me a wonderful opportunity to have a part in the life of my dear friend, Heather.

Making Vessels of Honor by Mercy

It is not to say that God has not or is not using me in the lives of others but my Lord chose this dear child of His to affirm and remind me I am a vessel of mercy, His mercy to someone in need.

I share this as a testimony of the faithfulness of our God our Lord Jesus Christ, that I pray will ring louder than our day-to-day living of trying to be Christians but rather to allow God to love through us so that we testify of Christ in our lives.

I love this dear child of God whom my Lord has given me the honor to serve and be a vessel of mercy in her life. Thank you Heather for singing the song, “Made by Mercy,” a blessing to my heart.


“By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” John 13:35


Make Me a Vessel of Mercy
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