Blood of Jesus,

Crimson flow,

My heart in thee,

Does rejoice.

Oh, where would I be,

If you had not died,

To set my sin stained heart free?

Only by your precious blood,

Dear Lord, can there be,

An everlasting flood,

Of your love to me.

~Ann Marie Moore

 The Blood of Jesus Through History

As you read the Bible and take a look at the scriptures you will see that from Genesis and in various books following there are shadows, trails of blood that would be a foreshadow of the one and only sacrifice acceptible to the Heavenly The blood of Jesus to be shed thinking of John 1:36Father.

From the beginning God took the initiative when he killed innocent animals to provide coats of skins for Adam and Eve. A reminder that innocent Jesus will face death on the cross to clothe us in His rightousness.

We can see the only acceptible sacrifice is that of Able’s who in faith offers the shedding of blood. Inputing his sins on the innocent.

The perfect blood sacrifice is portrayed in the preparation that God made in providing Abraham a ram caught in the thicket by its horns insuring that it would not be blemished.

The need for the blood of Jesus is  foreshadowed in the passover lamb, placed on the doorway showing us that there is no other way but the way of the cross as Jesus is the door and the blood placed upon that door.

Examine For Yourself

I encourage you to examine the scriptures for yourself to find the blood of Jesus shown through Bible history. Examine, seek and find the aplication of the blood of Christ for your life today.

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Blood of Jesus Crimson Flow
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