Following Jesus has been a long desire of mine. I have discovered it is not as complex as we may make it out to be and can actually be rather practical. The following is an entry from my online Living by the Faith Journal that I would like to share with you here.

Introduction Following Jesus

Before I begin I share my journal entry with you I would like to say that the following is not possible without first of all the saving grace of Jesus Christ. My practical example does not exclude my own personal relationship with my Lord and Savior.

Following Jesus must first be a desire between you and our beloved Lord before you can ever apply it in a practical sense. For as the two great commandment fall in that order, God first others second. But one is not exclusive without the other…an interesting thought to ponder on (see Matthew 22:37-40).

I pray the following will be a blessing to you…

 “What it Means to Follow Him”

From: Living by the Faith Journal by Ann Marie Moore

As my Lord has blessed me with listening to Elisabeth Elliot’s radio show I have been thinking much on my relationship with BruFollowing Jesus as I Follow him.ce. This coming October we will celebrate 23 years of marriage. Over half my life has been spent with this precious man who has taught me much about following Him (our Lord Jesus Christ).


I grew up in El Paso, Texas. Mt. Franklin was my view from the North East. A sight that gave me a longing to travel beyond the mountains and basins area. To explore a world I never seen. Living a life of adventure.

Eventually, I did travel to California to visit my dad for the first time in my life at the age of 18. I traveled by bus to my dad. I was amazed at the vast open space I saw in Arizona. It was really neat to see California as well. After a one week visit I was back home in my desert home.

I had a job at a local restaurant but my thoughts were always on traveling and seeing more neat places. A lady that worked with me kept persuading me to join the military where I could have the opportunity to travel. Not to mention the possibility of adventure.

I am so glad I took her advice for it was in the military I met the love of my life. Since then and especially after we left military service and our Lord saved Bruce my life has been one of travel and adventure. It was this venturing out that lead us to train with a missionary and his wife where I learned my need for salvation.

Bus to MatagalpaFlight to Colombia



Following him where our Lord lead meant I have to have courage. Courage to spend hours and days alone while Bruce was gone to conferences or on mission’s trips. Back then cell phones were not easily available and it may be days before heard from him.

I learned about God’s presence and looking back I can see my Lord’s hand of protection, especially since we had small children. I stayed in a travel trailer alone on the property behind a building the missionary we were training was renting.

I remember seeing a wild cat come by the kitchen window, looking around and walking quietly away. Not a nice sight when your children are four and under. Venomous snakes enjoyed crawling around in the woods right behind us. And poison ivy abounded along the ground in the woods where all I could do is call little Rachel, “Come to momma.” Since I was highly allergic but it did not bother her.

I cannot say I was a very courageous person but I had to learn. In fact fear would inflict my soul and all these scary situations, thinking of our little children. I thank God that any courage I had was because of His own strength in my weakness.



And just in case I would pride in myself God had ways of humbling me, reminding me He is ultimately in control. Following him often meant I stayed behind caring for our children.

There were times the children would become very ill and I was uncertain what to do with our limited resources. I had to depend on the wisdom of others, asking them for advice. Very humbling but it taught me to depend on my Lord’s wisdom.

My heart has also been humbled with God’s presence in times where the children and I could have been one of the death statistics when the Firestone threads where ripping off the tires causing severe accidents. Our tire did too, while Bruce was on a mission’s trip to Australia.

How humbling to know God has given us grace in the eyes of his people to support our ministry. Grace in many hearts who pray for us. We are so very blessed.

Truly to follow Him, humility is the key.


I cannot say I have always been willing to follow him. There have been times I would go as far as opposing him. A lot had to do with the fact I was not being humble, taking my eyes off my Lord and allowing fear to grip me. Letting courage go out the window.

Yet every time I yielded to following him, you know what I found?

Everlasting Love
Patiently, waiting,
Quietly guiding,
Many a challenge to face,
Yet what reality do I embrace?
That I am truly loved,
With an everlasting love.

holding handsTo follow him has been an adventure. It has taught to have courage. Many times I have been humbled. All so I can have a heart truly prepared by God’s grace to embrace my Lord’s everlasting love. What a privilege to be the wife of Missionary Bruce Moore.


It truly is a blessing to know that following Jesus is as practical as following my own husband. My life has been truly blessed.

Following Jesus in a Practical Way
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