Reflecting on 24 years of marriage between one MAN and one WOMAN…this past Saturday my husband and I celebrated our Anniversary and truly the grace of our precious Lord has brought us thus far in this journey of faith together.

Holy Marriage Defined

Marriage definition, regardless of the world’s philosophy, cannot change the truth of what it means according to God’s words. Truth is not altered when this world may even boldly claim that God gave them their request. Sadly they forget He also sends leanness to their soulMarriage Bruce and Ann Marie Moore (see Psalm 106:15). Marriage as defined by God’s word cannot change for it is Holy.


Sure people can marry regardless if they hold to the Bible or not but nothing can substitute for a Holy marriage that depicts the mystery of Christ and His church.


Christian how is your marriage?


Let’s not look at the world and how they are getting their desires. Can you blame them if what they see that is supposed to testify of Christ and his Bride among God’s people is not holy?


Make a Difference


If you really want to make a difference in this world with your marriage union as ordained by God’s holy word, then you who are saved by the blood of Christ and are married take time right now and run away with your spouse for a moment and ask God to make your marriage shine brighter for His glory.


Making your marriage shine is not done by picking the world apart but by being the men and women in Christ who are passionately in love with Jesus Christ. Then your marriage becomes an out-flowing of his love to each other as a testimony to a lost and dying world.


The truth cannot be changed: a holy marriage is one man and one woman.



Let’s you and I
Run away my love
On wings to fly
To a place up above.
As we come together
Upon our knees,
Dedicating each other
As we plead.
Oh God of heaven,
We come before you now.
Man and woman,
For you to keep our vow.
Ordained in heaven,
For a man, a woman spouse,
A perfect union,
To build a holy house.
A shadow of the mystery
The mystery of Love.
Of a Holy God,
And His beloved Bride.
Let’s you and I
Run away my love
On wings to fly
To a place up above.
As we come together
Upon our knees,
Dedicating each other
As a God’s testimony.
~Ann Marie Moore – Random Thought –




1. The Bible is a romance
In the most holy sense:
God and His chosen people
In love it so presents.
This Universal Couple
Throughout it is displayed;
God in Christ is the Bridegroom,
His saints, the Bride, portrayed.

2. Through shadows, types and figures,
God’s deepest thought is known;
As typified by Adam,
The Husband, Christ, is shown.
A rib brought forth from Adam
Reveals the source of life
By which God built a woman:
Eve, as the church, His wife.

3. To be His people’s Husband,
To take them as His wife:
This is what God desires
To live in marriage life.
Their sacrifice and worship
Alone could not content;
But with them to be married
Was God’s foremost intent.

4. This romance is the finest
As seen in Song of Songs;
For her Beloved’s kisses
His seeking lover longs.
Love’s work in her produces
No person of her own,
But she becomes the City,
Her Person, Christ alone.

5. Christ is our coming Bridegroom;
We are the Church, His Bride,
Redeemed, regenerated,
The issue of His side,
In source, in life, in nature
And person fully one,
His counterpart forever,
The New Jerusalem.



“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine.”  Song of Solomon 1:2

Holy Marriage Definition
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