There are days Christians need courage that can only be given from above. Yet God in his wisdom chooses to use other Christians to minister to our lives, if we let them. It is so tempting to run and hide away in shame because you fail. Perhaps you have been in a position God has used you greatly in the lives of others. Did you know that those God used you to minister to can also have the blessing and privilege to minister to you?

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The Image

Yes, it is difficult, especially when as the scripture says in James 5:16, “Confess your faults one to another…

Today’s Christianity we want the outward “image” of being faithful saints of God without the inward working. Can I share something the inward working of God hurts because there is a subjecting to breaking, molding, pressure and making, all that will eventually show on the outward in God’s timing for beauty and His glory.

Seeking Help

What I write today is not from one who has it all together. I write today from someone who has failed as a wife, mother and Christian. I seek the promise of the rest of that verse in James 5:16 that after I confess, that you will have the compassion to pray me that I may be healed, “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

Did you know your prayers will have part in my breaking, molding, pressure to make me what my Lord wants me to be?

So you see it is not easy to seek help that comes from above for it comes with a price. The price is the blood of Christ and God seeks to renew us in the knowledge after the image of our Lord Jesus Christ (Col 3:10) . This happens when there is a subjection to the Master to allow him to break our “self” image, mold and put pressure on us by Spiritual hand to make us after our Lord’s image.

I am so thankful that the Father loves us so much that he sent his Son, grants us his word, his Spirit and the privilege to minister to one another.

Courage from the Lord

Oh the anguish of a soul,
Where is the love of the Lord?
Oh, the loneliness in a home,
Where there is no unity.
The Father hears his child cry,
In all compassion,
His heart directed,
His still small voice
Says to the rejected,
I send my love,
I send my Son,
Receive my salve,
Open your eyes,
That soul you touched,
Is now ministering to you,
Can you see me in them?
My Spirit in you,
Does abide regardless,
Of the circumstance,
Take courage my child,
You are not alone.
Your cry has been heard.
My servants are ready,
To pour out my love.
Just let them in,
Just let them in,
For it is I.
~Ann Marie Moore

Courage in Failures
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