Two years ago I wrote this in my personal journal thinking about grace of God. I ever always in awe of what a wonderful Savior we serve

Grace of God

Seasons come and seasons go
Yet, what do I have to show
To the King of Kings, And Lord of Lords
Upon that day he is coming?

There I see a smiling face
A friend of mine, I embrace
Oh, how gently your Holy Spirit, reminds me
What I have to show is your grace.

Grace when the storm clouds hit,
Grace when this sinner you saved,
Grace to impart truth to a friend,
Grace to be presented on that day.

Oh, nothing can compare
To the sacrifice of grace.
-by Ann Moore (LBTFjournal) 11/20/2012

God's Abounding Grace

Truly our Lord’s grace is incredible. We live and have our being all because of grace. Our Heavenly Father’s riches blessings are poured out on us because of his abounding grace. What a mighty God we serve.

Grace of God
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