Ten years ago my husband and I only wanted one anniversary gift. That was the birth of our sixth child. It seemed that his birth was quite delayed and started giving us cause for concern.

The Long Wait

Our anniversary celebration is October 3rd. But on this specific year our minds were very preocupied with seeing our child born. At this time he was our fourth home birth. I also did not have any professional or medical care. We knew what to expect in case of an emergency but that is all we knew.

We had not had an ultra-sound or any kind of check up. I suppose in the back of our minds we were thinking this to be a great idea as we had been training for the mission field.  My husband asked, “So what do you want for our anniversary?” I said, “The only anniversary gift I want is a baby.”

This baby was truly getting to be a long wait. Our concern lead us to ask the elder of our church to pray. My heart was concerned but I was at peace that God would be responsible as in other times to make sure all went well. So I place my anniversary gift desire and the results of this birth in His loving hands.

The Celebration

The chunky bundle of joy was a blessing. And the whole birth process was a miracle once again. I had two of my friends to help. One was a young lady preparing for the mission field. She wanted hands on training because whereAnniversary Gift a Baby she was going the natives usually depended on the missionary for help.

What an anniversary gift, although it was delayed four days. Regardless our lives were once again blessed with the sounds of a baby, which I had now grown accustomed to.

Precious Anniversary Gift

So today I would like to remember our precious little gift that blessed us on our anniversary 10 years ago. Adding to our growing family one more smile, one more baby, one more heavenly treasure.

I am so thankful for our precious anniversary gift born to us October 7th.


Anniversary Gift for Expecting Parents
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