There are so many wonderful women God has used in my life at different times. I recently wrote of one dear friend whose incredible strength in God blessed me by encouraging me to pour the sacrifice of praise. God has graciously used godly women to shape me and make me into the image of His dear son.

The following video below was created after my second miscarriage in 2012. It will show you some of the lovely faces of dear woman God has so blessed me with.

This video was a longing in my Lord where I was beginning to accept the truth, ever so slightly, that my Father had a purpose for me despite the heartache. A vision my Lord long ago gave me, even prior to knowing my beloved Savior, and that is to be an encouragement to women.

But how could I unless I was willing to receive all God had for me?

So the video expresses my willingness and I was in awe of all God has done for me. And there are so many other women who are neither named on the video or in my account below who have impacted me so very much for the glory of God.

I am the vine, ye are the branches; he that abideth in me and I in him the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me you can do nothing. John 15:5I am in awe. For to whom much is given, much will be required. What a tremendous privilege!

I am learning more each day that such a privilege is only attained when you abide in Christ. Apart from my Beloved I can do nothing. He, my Vine and as his branch, in Him I seek to be nourished. He is also my husbandman who prunes me, at times ever so painfully to bear fruit.

But my heart rejoices with a thought I heard in Abiding in Christ by Andrew Murray. The branches that bear the greatest fruit are those nearest to the ground. Oh blessed humility of Jesus being formed in me!

I am so very, very blessed to have friends of the Vine to bless me on my way to the celestial city.

How awesome, faithful and true
God has used friends like you.
“You are a child of the King,”
Debbie would say to me.
Then salvation came
The King’s daughter I am,
Blessed be His name.

In desperation, of this stain,
As self still battled to reign,
“Have you died?” was the question,
Abigail in song did mention.
I am crucified,
With Him, forever justified.

A heart’s desire,
A vessel of mercy, required,
By His grace transpired.
“Made by mercy,” claimed to realize,
The love of Heather, opening my eyes,
His dear servant,
I am called by Him for Him, to be fervent.

Alive in me,
He is risen, now I see,
In Holy communication with Ashley,
Christ first in all we do and be,
My all in Him abiding, and He in me.
Christ made real,
Shining, in humility, I kneel.

Each friend portrayed,
Christ, who me, in them bade,
“Allow me your life, to invade,
I am He you wants more than anything,
I am your Savior, Father, Friend and King
Now go shine,
For no good thing is withheld to you from the Vine.”
~Ann Marie Moore (February 2, 2015)

Friends of the Vine
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