I have been so blessed by reading Born Crucified. I continue to muse in the various thoughts that are brought out in the book. The poems that strike the very strings of my heart making melodious music to my Lord and King. At times very quiet music that can only be expressed through tears.

In the book they included the following poem which you can see in the picture below. Certainly something to think about.

There is no gain but by a loss

What a challenge to think of death more than dying because it really makes no sense. Everything within our being cries out to live. We want to be appreciated for who we are but God’s calling is that we lose it all for His sake.

I believe the things I hang on to in this life, which I hold so dearly, lack so much. Oh, to understand and without reservation to surrender all. For in Christ, death is more than dying it is everlasting life that begins today and each step of the way!

More to Death than Dying
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