The power of prayer in marriage can only be attained by action, you must be engaging in prayer. My dear friend Juana Mikels has been praying effectively for her husband for over 20 years.

Daily Prayer

Juana Mikels did an excellent job in her book, “Choosing Him All Over Again,” encouraging us to pray daily andPrayer—secret, fervent, believing prayer—lies at the root of all personal godliness. ~William Carey effectively for our husbands. It is easy to live each day-by-day without even realizing the spiritual impact that your marriage has on your family, church and community.

God may even choose to use your marriage on a national level to proclaim the mystery of the Gospel to a lost and dying world. This is especially true for marriages that have a ministry that reach beyond your own community.

Do you see how incredible marriage is to God?

Choosing Him All Over Again Juana Mikels

The enemy is so vehemently out to destroy what God intended marriage to be. Marriage is far more powerful than we even realize. It is a living testimony of Christ and his church (Eph 5:31,32). If you could simply wrap your mind in accepting this truth you are liable to see a new spiritual level in your marriage you had not yet experienced.

Choosing HimThere would certainly be a different focus in our desires toward our husbands. You would be more apt to pray as Juana Mikels encourages for his maturity, spiritual growth, his leadership and other areas as well.

Juana does not simply give you a list of what you need to pray but she goes into personal detail in specific prayers that she has prayed effectively for her husband Terry that you can apply in your own life today.

Choosing Him All Over Again

Listen to what others are saying about Juana Mikels’ book, “Choosing Him All Over Again,”

“Juana writes from her heart as she exposes her journey of marriage brokenness and reconciliation, giving readers hope for their future and the motivation to embrace true intimacy with God. This story is captivating because Juana details her thoughts and emotions which led her to walk away from her marriage for a time—thoughts and emotions that many wives encounter daily. Her honesty and transparency is a rare treasure, allowing others the chance to relate and not feel so alone in marital struggles. Juana’s words are full of life-giving encouragement, just the kind of inspiration couples desperately need today.” ~JENNIFER SMITH Author of The Unveiled Wife and Wife After God

“God’s loving pursuit of Juana and His complete restoration of her marriage display Christ’s transformative power. Every woman longing for personal peace—as well as renewed hope for her marriage—can benefit from Juana’s inspiring story and biblical insights.” ~EMILY WICKHAM Blogger at

Here is video to learn more about what others are saying. The song in the video is, “Good and Perfect Gift,” by Abigail Miller

The Power of Prayer in Marriage
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