Today I want to wish my dear friends Paul and Abigail Miller a very Happy Anniversary. I have not personally met them, something I desire to do some day. I look forward to that day like a little taste of anticipating Jesus here on earth. It is just a blessing to witness the weaving hand of God in our lives. So here are my recollections of how I got to know this precious family that impacted my life on another part of planet earth.

Cheerio Conviction

I was mom of now six children during my Cheerio conviction. Our two bedroom trailer was getting filled up with little ones, so much so we turned the master bathroom into a bedroom. We placed plywood over our bathtub that was not hooked up to any pluming and put a mattress on it for two of the boys.


The rest of the children got the smaller of the two bedrooms, while we got the master bedroom. It was an interesting location to live out in the small town of Sunset, Texas in a property that was V shape. Our trailer was in the wider end of that V. The main road was north of the property and there was a dirt road on the south side. Needless to say folks passing in their cars could not help but look at all those kids playing outside. I was rather a protective mom so I kept my eyes for anyone that would slow down driving by.

Blessings at the end of the rainbow :)

In our trailer full of kiddos I would try to find time to wake up early to have quiet time alone with God. I cannot say my devotion or Christian life was the best at this point because the past eight years I either had a newborn or was chasing a toddler around. But I was determined to dedicate more time to morning devotions.


So I decided to rise early in the morning. To my surprise so did my youngest toddler boy, who was hungry. That was fine the next day I will just rise earlier. There he was again! I thought how can I have a devotional quiet time?


During those fretful days I had gone online, now taking an interest in finding God honoring Christian music. Found a site that offered free music which included two songs by Abigail Miller, “Compel Them,” and “A Song for Mothers.” I really liked, “Compel Them,” which spoke to my missionary heart as we were preparing for missionary work. But “A Song for Mothers” was much harder for me to tune in. I just couldn’t get past the Cheerios on the floor. I thought what kind of Christian song is this! Especially when I thought to play it during my devotion time.



But one morning frustrated that again I got up early and so did my little one. Then the words of A Song for Mothers rang clearer, “Whatever you do unto one of the least of these, you have done it unto me…”

It hit me. I desired to have devotions with the Lord and these dear children are my devotion. I then recalled the meaning of their names all purposely chosen to give glory to God. Oh my heart was blessed and I decided if Jesus wants me to have devotions with one of children then it was fine. The fact was I had a lot to learn about being a child myself concerning the things of God.

God’s Music Style

Several years later, now living in Nicaragua, we had been invited over by friends for Thanksgiving. They also invited friends from their new congregation. Their guest, sitting at the table in front of my husband and I, were in a discussion of what kind of music they liked in church. They were talking how some music was loud, other was boring and so one.

Each made their points to each other and each had good points but then I thought, “What music does God like?” They all seem to be discussing their likes but no one is asking God what music He likes. I being still rather feeble yet felt totally burdened to say something.


Abigail Miller Music that Speaks to the Heart

I looked at my husband, who knows that look I would get every now and then. That look of I must say something or I might explode. The look of a true desire to try to be bold for Jesus. I saw he did not object so out it came…


“Excuse me but I was wondering, what kind of music does God like. I have heard you guys talking but has anyone asked God what He likes?” Silence fell. Needless to say the topic was changed.


But I seriously wanted to know, “What music does God like?” I went home wondering what the answer was. So I asked God as I began to listen to some of my own favorite music. All the while I sensed God telling me to listen to “A Song for Mothers” a song I had not heard since my Cheerio conviction about seven years prior. God used it but I could not say it was my favorite.


I will be honest I protested, “Lord, not the Cheerio song lady! She is not my style.” I knew little of Abigail Miller only a picture when she was young from one of her albums a friend had recommended but even then I refused to listen to her music. I remeber a Youtube video I saw where she and her daughters sang. I had determined for years her music was just not my style.

Paul Abigail Miller familyBut God kept pricking my heart to listen. So I did and the Lord led me to find out more about Abigail Miller. I was surprised that she is a mom of a lot of kiddos and she and her husband Bro. Paul traveled around with all their family being a blessing in churches through preaching and their music ministry.


It wasn’t long God gave me a desire to pray for this dear family. I then started purchasing more of thier music. My heart was convicted by the songs I heard. One song in particular, “Unfamiliar Grace,” compelled me to ask God, “Lord, I want to know more about what Abigail Miller is singing in this song.”


God answered and I learned when we lost our baby boy, stillborn, the blessing of God’s unfamiliar grace. I am so thankful for answered prayer and that God used Abigail Miller’s song to prepare my heart to receive my Lord’s grace.

Most Convicting Song

So for the next few months in the early part of 2013 I began purchasing their music and was determined to find out why God chose her music.


The best way I can describe it was in a conversation with my Pastor’s wife where I confessed to her how in the past I just could not listen to Abigail Miller’s music and I did not understand why. And my Pastor’s wife wisely said, “Her music has little to do with the flesh.”


“Ouch!” I said, “Thanks now I know why, I was very much living in the flesh.”


So now that God got my attention to His style of music, Christmas of 2013, the Lord was to use one of Abigail Miller’s songs that changed the course of my Christian walk.


“Have You Died,” impacted my heart and opened my eyes to the power of a crucified life! The impact of that day continues on. The crumbs of mercy that fell from the Master’s table have filled me with unspeakable joy and now God is blessing me to pour myself in the lives of others, particularly  women God has given me to disciple.


God has given me some of the most precious young women. If you ask me, I believe these young ladies may one day be like Amy Charmichael, Darlene Deibler Rose, Elisabeth Elliot or perhaps a wife of an American Evangelist who will help bring revival to our country. A super blessing as one of those young ladies is my own daughter :)

Paul and Abigail Miller Comfort the Feeble

Eventually I got the courage to email the Millers. The Lord weaved other beautiful strands to His tapestry of love. They are such precious folks and Abigail’s humility in Christ is something I completely admire in her.

One of Bro. Paul’s sermon’s I had come across online about reading your Bible every day encouraged me to be consistent and not miss a day…so far not a day missed in over one and a half years and finding all kinds of treasure too :)

They have known me as a tremendously feeble individual. I am so thankful for their heart of love in Christ and were willing to fulfill scripture with says,

“Now we exhort you, brethren, warn them that are unruly, comfort the feebleminded, support the weak, be patient toward all men.” 1 Thes 5:14



So glad they got this wounded soldier back on her feet, praise the Lord!

May the Lord bless them 100 fold for their faithfulness.


A very Happy Anniversary Bro. Paul and Abigail Miller

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Bro. Paul and Abigail Miller Anniversary
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