To continue with more confession I must admit that for years I struggled to understand that salvation was by the way of the cross. After my Lord graciously saved me itDeath Brings Life In Christ took me years to learn that grace living and sanctification is by the way of the cross.

My mind is so bewildered to think that somehow after salvation I ventured to believe that anything less than His holiness would be acceptable to our Heavenly Father. There is no sacrifice by which we are saved and no reward in Him save through His precious blood sacrifice.

The book Born Crucified really help me to see just that. The need to understand that a victorious life in Christ begins and ends at the cross. The desire to read this book was inspired by the a song by Abigail Miller, ¨Have You Died,¨ where somewhere online I had read this book was the inspiration for the song.

It is not a book that you can simply lightly read but rather you must be ready to allow God to strip you of any self motive, self desires and any flesh that would glory. As you allow God to work in your life as you read Born Crucified, you cannot help but declare:

¨But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world.¨  Gal 6:4

My heart has been tremendously challenged and my heart repented to move ever closer to my Lord and Saviour. I have by no means arrived but rather I am encouraged to continue on. The more I desire to know more of what it means to carry my cross and follow Him the greater the challenges have become.

Yet somehow I know deep within my being our Lord never gives us more than we can handle although I do say that with fear and trembling.  With the challenge to go yet another mile with my Lord the smell of myth is ever near. Death to self that Christ may live is a song within me to my Lord. For it is my Lord that will give me to overcome my greatest foe of self.

I really am thankful for the privilege to have read Born Crucifed and to be ever challenged to follow my Lord in a deeper and richer walk. I will forever be in debted to our Lord´s servant, Abigal, who allowed God to use her in a song, that impacted my life Christmas 2013.

To God be ALL the glory.

Born Crucified – Book Review
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