Too often we picture the Christian life from the pew or pulpit perspective. But the church building, my friends is just that a building. The church is to be a living breathing outreach as God has designed.

I marvel that God humbled himself to need us to accomplish his will and plan to take his incredible take_up_your_crossmessage to a lost and dying world. Some who if they dare to follow Christ may cost them their lives.

We had prepared for many years to head to the mission field but had no specific direction as to which country, until the day arrived in 2006 God lead us in the direction of Colombia.

Let me tell you preparing to go to the mission field, visiting church after church where folks could not help but ask, “Aren’t you afraid that you or your children would be kidnapped?”

Love for our Lord gave little room for fear. Often Bruce would preach using an example of missionaries who years ago were asked when they were headed to a dangerous country, “Aren’t you afraid you will die there?” and they wisely replied, “We already died.”

I know personally, all through our time of travels where we presented our burden my Lord kept teaching me to die to self. Having experienced a head on collision with a drunk driver and seeing God’s incredible protection left us determined to trust our Lord more and more.

Once the time arrived where we should have headed to the field there were many delays. Rather than do nothing we decided to head to Panama to get some language training. While there God worked mightily in my life though circumstances were sad with our miscarriage.

We were ready to wrap things up in Panama then see if we could get the paperwork moving to go to Colombia. Then God in his wisdom closed the doors for us to enter Colombia and began directing us to Nicaragua. So what does it mean to follow Jesus Christ?

We must be willing and sensitive to His leading us each step of the way. We ought not to get ahead or behind. Our Lord had a plan which I hope to share with you in my next post.

In the meantime I would like to share this video. Let it bless your heart as you hear the young girl’s testimony and the message of the song.

What Does it Mean to Follow Jesus Christ
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