Elisabeth Elliot’s radio show called, Gateway to Joy, that is aired on BBN radio at 11:15 eastern time has been a tremendous blessing to me. The following are some of the notes that the my Lord highlighted in my own life.

What I try to do is to highlight four points each lesson then at the end of the week I highlight the most outstanding point for each day. This has proved to be a tremendous blessing. Although, there are times my notes have gone beyond simple quotes and into profound thoughts and desires.Elisabeth Elliot quotes: "If it was in fact God's leading, you must not dig up in doubt what you planted in faith."

About Husband and Wife Relationship

Husbands and wives require, not law but love, not politics but sacrifice.

Love is inseparable of sacrifice.

Ministry simply means service.

God was not aiming at equality but on authority.

God created us with glorious inequalities.

You and your husband are married to sinners.

A Renewed Mind

Let God mold your mind.

Go back to the Bible for renewing of your mind.

If you love you’ll do anything to make it more convenient for others.

A mother’s list: Faithful in marriage, caring for children, washing the feet of God’s children (hospitality), busy at home.

Decide what is important and make that an issue.

Offering of Trust to God

Make an offering of your loneliness.

God is making a gift of Himself to us.

Trust in the living God then do the next thing.

God’s story never ends in the dark valley.

Meditating on God’s Mercy

In God’s mercy our Lord loves us strongly enough irresistibly enough to allow us to get hurt.

God can salvage areas of our life and make something beautiful.

The daily trial of the day serves as marching orders.

Life continuously comes out of death.

Having eyes of faith means we look at the facts and the invisible.

The Unseen Hand of God

My God, not my husband, shall supply all my needs.

Our first utterance during tribulations should be one of faith.

God has things in mind, he is operating in unseen ways.

God is the “Who” that science does not ask about.

As a mom, I really enjoy this thought Elisabeth Elliot gave: Let our overwhelming wonder be to think of Jesus, God with us, became a child and wept.

Musing on God’s Abounding Grace

In the very field of trials you face, lies a treasure prepared by God.

Give God everything. All that I am. All that I have. All that I suffer.

Move in the direction God is sending you.

Start obeying God where you are.

The grace of God is like an ocean that, no-way, your sin can exhaust.

Lessons on Obedience that Elisabeth Elliot Learned

No sin is too great to be covered by the blood.

He loves us with an everlasting love.

It is in this deep mystery of surrender that love is expressed.

My love is shown by my obedience.

Obedience and love are two sides of the same coin (this was what Elisabeth Elliot’s dad told her).


With each child the Lord gives more grace.

The Lord can give me strength to overrule my weakness.

Approach children with an attitude of humility when making changes in the home.

Homeschool for the purpose of getting close to your children and instilling values that are a solid foundation.

When you withhold anything from God you are withholding His blessing.


Teach me the patience of unanswered prayer.

The greatest obstacle of discovering God’s will is our will.

Take a leap of faith and you will find the more fuller you trust Him the more true He will be to you.

Our faith is in the character of God not in our outcome.

When we ask God to teach us the meaning of the cross, He will.


Just so you get an idea of the wealth of blessings Elisabeth Elliot radio show has been. These quotes are simply the highlights of the first 10 weeks. I took three or four times the notes each week. May you be richly blessed and our Lord glorified.

Elisabeth Elliot’s Radio Show Highlights
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