The cross is a constant reminder in life, encouraging me to die to self that Christ may live in and through me.

A Challenging Song

I would say this song by Abigail Miller was the most impacting in my life. I had purchased and downloaded the song, “Have You Died,” on Christmas Day 2013. I was completely impacted by the song.

I truly understood for the first time what it meant to die to self and from that point I desired to know more.

Born Crucified

One day I was on a Google venture to see if I could learn more about Abigail and I came across this site where she had shared how she was inspired to write a given song.

There were a total of ten songs where she explains the stories behind each song. One was, “Have You Died.”

The cross and dying to self is exemplefied in Abigail Miller song have you died.
Abigail Miller describes that the song, “Have You Died,” came to be after she read a book called, “Born Crucified,” by L.E. Maxwell.

My Lord used this book to take me through yet another level of understanding what it means to die to self. I will admit I was being stretched and challenged like never before. My desire to learn more about dying to self with real commitment kept growing.

The Meaning of the Cross

Learning to die to self, kept giving me a greater desire to learn more of the meaning of what the cross is meant. Especially in relation to my life, an ordinary housewife with an incredible desire to serve my beloved Lord and Savior.
I found that no matter where I turned my thoughts or my devotion would be challenged such as with the following that I heard on Elisabeth Elliot’s radio show:

What does it mean to be crucified with Christ (Gal 2:20)?Elisabeth Elliot Quote: To be a follower of the Crucified means, sooner or later, a personal encounter with the cross. And the cross always entails loss.

What does it mean for you and me to be nailed to the cross?

The response to those questions was given by Elisabeth Elliot with the following statement that I have added in my personal notebook that I recently began giving me an insight on my earthy purpose as directed from my Lord in a very practical sense.

“When you are forgotten or neglected or purposely put down and you don’t respond by retaliation even though your heart may sting or if you don’t insult the person who has put you down; if instead your heart is happy being counted worthy to suffer for Christ ~ that is dying to self.”

Profound Thoughts

The following are notes I took in a very recent, Gateway to Joy, radio program by Elisabeth Elliot that is being re-aired on BBN. Below you will see Rober Yoderian’s thoughts and my thoughts that were sparked from such a saint that desired to consecrate his life to Jesus Christ.

“I will died to self. I will begin to ask God to put me in service of constant circumstances where to live Christ I must die to self. I will be alive unto God that I may learn to love Him with my heart, soul, mind and body.” ~Robert Youderian

My thoughts: What a joy as each step is walked in faith despite how storm tossed we may have been. My life is ever blessed for the rest is also a reminder that dying to self has incredible rewards.

“There is a seeking of honest love drawn from a storm tossed soul. A seeking for the gain of Christ. To bless the blinded, the beaten, the lost. Those who sought found heavenly love and were filled with joy divine. They walk today with Christ above.” ~Robert Youderian

My thoughts: I am ever reminded of my Lord’s faithfulness. I asked my Lord on July 13, 2014, after listening to Elisabeth Elliot quote the following and I can see you are answering me…

“When we ask God to teach us the meaning of the cross…He will.”

Each day my understanding and desire to die to self deepens. Dying to self is not as ugly as you think.

What experiences about learning to die to self can you share?

Please write your thoughts in the comments below.

The Cross is Ever Before Me
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