My greatest desire is making a difference in the lives of others. This is why Jude verses 22 and 23 are so special to me and a constant reminder to ask, “Lord, how can I bring glory today, making a difference for all eternity?”

Mission of Scripture Look was started with this same desire. Even if my part is small, I know that my Lord can reach the lives of others. That difference could be by sharing a verse, a thought, a sermon and music that have been such an encouragement in my life.

Scripture Song Making a Difference

Something I highly encourage is that you listen to scriptures. Allow the word of God to come alive in your heart and life. Meditate on his word as the psalmist encourages both day and night.

How is that possible?

Fill your mind with scripture songs. Do you remember the commercial jingles you have heard that even after many years later they stick to your head. there is something about music, combined with words that seems to stick.

And the style of music is also very important too. I have not studied it out all the way by most jingle were done with music that would compliment the jingle rather than override it. I believe advertisers want you to remember their product. Well just a thought.

The following is a scripture song by Abigail Miller of Jude verses 22 and 23. These are the very verses that motivate me to seek the Lord, making a difference. I have put her music on video to be a visual aid in memorizing the scripture.

Special Thanks

I would like to thank Abigail Miller for making a difference singing scripture songs. And for Free Bible Music for making the songs available free.

I pray you are blessed to hide God’s word in your heart. And be encouraged in making a difference in the lives of others. Feel free to comment below.

Making a Difference
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