At one point my heart was really challenged to walk in a way unknown, much of the decision was committed to prayer. There were struggles wondering, “Is this what God really wants?” As the direction seem to go so against several of our desires.

His Way


When the way is unknowns, remember God knows the way.Yet God in His mercy kept pointing to a door He had opened and challenged all of us involved to surrender and go in that direction, trusting Him and not fearing.

Although, there were times I begged and pleaded, not fully understanding what God was doing. Each step we took taught us a deeper richer lesson. In some ways it was an incredible emotional stress but I would not trade all that God did in our lives to teach us the wonderful lessons in fearing God and following Him.

The months spent where very humbling. God stripped us of our wills and gave us a love and desire to surrender all despite how we felt or what we thought.

Speaking with God

Truly as the following song says, “This forces you to have hundreds and thousands of conversations with Him. Resulting in a journey that is an everlasting memorial between you and Him.”

I spend hours seeking God’s help like never before, desirous to please Him in the fear of God. Once our Lord got us to the point where we all were surrendered, “not my will but thine be done,” it was like Abraham’s offering, at that moment God shut the door saying,

“Now I know you trust me in this area of your life.”

And because we learned such truth, we could say, “Yes, what an awesome God we serve!”

So what way unknown is the Lord challenging you to take?

What is holding you back?

Great Benefits in a Way Unknown

I would not trade this everlasting memory that my Lord and I have of going on this journey together. The blessings of spending so much time with Jesus far outweighs the challenge we faced in it all. Jesus has won my heart once again through all this and our journey continues.

What a benefit indeed!

Walking in a way unknown is great when you trust your whole heart, will and emotions to Jesus, who goes on this journey with you.

Will you trust Him?

If God Leads You to Walk a Way

If God leads you to walk
A way that you know,
It will not benefit you as much as
If He would lead you to take the way
That you do not know.
This forces you to have
Hundreds and thousands of
Conversations with Him,
Resulting in a journey that is an
Everlasting memorial
Between you and Him.


Walking in a Way Unknown
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