This past week members and dear friends from my home church suffered the loss of their precious little one. I know what that is like all too well. As soon as I heard the news memories of losing James Anthony flooded my mind. Tears began flowing uncontrollably.

Pour the Sacrifice of PraiseGod placed another friend on my heart to contact with the sad news. In tears I wrote her. I felt so weak inside. When she wrote me back her strength and trust in God amazed me and blessed my heart so much.

I know what she said to me came from our Lord Jesus who was made perfect in her weakness where she encouraged me pray for my dear friends.

She wrote, “I began to pour the sacrifice of praise before the Lord for them. I am praying. I know the grief of losing a child. You do too. May God direct our prayers for them at this time.”

Reading the words, “Pour the sacrifice of praise,” impacted my innermost being as I sat there in the presence of my beloved Lord. I just had not thought of praise as being a sacrifice. But she is so right and I did.

Today I was blessed to see the update our church friends wrote to their friends and family. Oh how my heart was blessed as they praised God, though you know it was a painful sacrifice.

As I meditated on all that has happened my Lord gave me the following thoughts that I pray will be a blessing to you.

A Mother’s Cry – A Father’s Love
I see little hands I will not hold.
A little mouth I will not hear say,
“I Love you mama,
You’re so beautiful to me.”
I see little arms
I will not feel,
Around my neck,
Followed by a warm little peck.
Oh Lord,
How can I make it through this day?
Then I hear a voice small and still,
Say to me,
“I Love you my child,
You are so beautiful to me,
Your tears I gather in my bottle
And every detail is recorded in my book (Psalm 56:8).
For I know your joy
Will one day be made full.
So for now,
I’ll put my arms around you,
Receive my Holy kiss.
For I see in you, little hands I hold,
And a little mouth I hear say,
“I love you Lord,
You’re still beautiful to me.”
A Holy song of a broken heart,
Lifted up to heaven,
Forever sung in my presence,
Your pain I cherish,
For it is my Son I see.”

~Ann Marie Moore (January 31, 2015)

dedicated to my dear friend’s baby, Jordan Louise

Pour the Sacrifice of Praise
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