Rachel Barkey is a woman of faith God used in my life at an interesting crossroads. My heart had been tremendously blessed by God’s goodness. I had been invited for the first time to speak to ladies at one of our supporting churches. I was one of three speaker. It was a tremendous honor.

Rachel Barkey’s Message

It was during that time in the quiet of the church building sound room, that I connected to the internet on my husband’s laptop, when I came across Rachel Barkey’s video. The following is what I watched. My heart has forever been blessed and challenged by the four distinct points Rachel gives:

  1. Know God
  2. Know yourself
  3. Know the Gospel and
  4. Know your purpose

Although, I never met Rachel and by the time I watched this video in October of 2009 she had already passed away, I am certain she is one of those cloud of witnesses. I am encouraged to think that God is blessing and encouraging her with words such as, “See I do nothing in vain.”


Death is not Dying from Rachel Barkey on Vimeo.

Heroes in My Life

My hero of the faith...Rachel BarkeyRachel is one of my heroes of the faith that God is using to impact my life for His glory. She along with other contemporary woman such as Juana Mikels, Carol Amato and Abigail Miller have been incredible instruments of God’s grace in my life. Each woman teaching me precious truths to bless the lives of others.

Rachel’s “Death is Not Dying” message that she spoke so profoundly continues to be very much a part of my life as I share with others God’s wonderful truths. Even more so today, I have growing desire to know my God more, to know myself as my Lord’s created being, to know the Gospel and its powerful message permiating every area of my life and my Lord is blessing me with each passing day to know my purpose.

I highly recommend that you have heroes you can look up to, allowing God to use them to pattern your life for His glory. Rachel Barkey is one of my heroes.

Who are your heroes and why?

Rachel Barkey One of My Heroes of the Faith
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