Problems come in all sizes and degrees and depending on your natural make up you may find it easy or difficult in dealing with them.

Cure for Problems

Is there some cure all for dealing with all your problems?

Well, not really because each problem is unique to its situation and circumstances not to mention who the person is who that the problem has befallen.

Take for example a little child who lost their favorite toy. You may think it a minimal problem to that child it may seem like the end of their little world.

Or how about a husband that made a wrong financial decision, that about devastated his family’s financial stability. To you it may not be the end of the world but to some it seemed like it and rather than face the shame ran or ended their lives.

Are You the Problem?

One thing about dealing with difficulties is you should not be too harsh to judge them as a bystander but rather see how you can be involved.

Isn’t is sad when you have members in your church who are very aware of problems going on and they spend more time complaining rather than being the solution? They say they see then why don’t they help us?


Daily Insights

One of my daily devotions that I have been listening to is “The One Year Daily Insights” with Zig Ziglar. So far I am gleaning scriptural truth and seeing its practical application to day-to-day living.

I do not know much about Zig Ziglar but the bits and pieces I have gleaned as an online marketer, I am really impressed. It is interesting how the business world applies many scriptural principles whether they know it or not. In Zig Ziglar case he knew it and really did a great job as the scripture says,

“Wisdom crieth without; she uttereth her voice in the streets:” Proverbs 1:20

Talk about a scripture look view from someone who applied biblical principles for his success.
Here are some of my notes/highlights I took from one of the daily devotions. I like personalizing my devotions to what God is doing in my life so if it differs from what is in the book you will know why.

Devotional Notes

Allow your heart to break concerning the condition of God’s people (my God given desire – God’s people to do things God’s way).

When dealing with real issues of the heart or circumstances:

  • Don’t minimize the problem
  • Don’t fly into a panic of mindless activity.
  • Allow the brutal truth to sink in and respond appropriately.

Let the truth sink into our hearts so we can respond with genuine compassion.

Take action to:

  • to gather resources
  • inspire the people
  • make a difference (build or rebuild)

Successful action starts with ruthless honesty about the truth.

That concludes my notes.


The main point is that the real solution to any situation you face is you. How is that?

Well either you are in the problem and your attitude counts to make a difference or you notice the dificulties and your attitude counts in how you can help others deal with their problems.

In either case you will need God’s loving heart in your life. Our Lord Jesus is the greatest problem solver.
He makes hearts of stones into hearts of flesh which feel and care deeply about others.

Our Father turns your failures into victories. Your crisis into a weaving pattern of grace and love. He is the master builder and he can build the lives of others in and through you.

What problem are you facing?

Dealing with Problems
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